Permits and Construction


Permits are required for all new connections to the District’s wastewater system, for re-connection of existing connections, for construction of new facilities that will be dedicated to the District, for industrial discharges, and for any other actions that might impact the District’s facilities. These requirements are given in Chapter 5 of the District’s Ordinance Code.


See How Annual Sewer Service Charges Are Calculated…

The fee for a Class 1 or 2 Permit is $300 and for a Class 3 or 4 Permit $125 plus actual expenses.  See Ordinance Code Section 602 for additional explanation

The capacity charge consists of a connection fee levied by the District and a separate capacity charge levied by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.  The District’s charge is $3,414 per single family residence and $17.07 per gallon per day of estimated discharge for non-residential flows.  Usage is reviewed annually and if the new discharge exceeds the permitted discharge, a supplemental capacity charge is assessed.  The SFPUC capacity charge is a function of water meter size and usage.  Contact the District for details.

Class 3 and 4 additional fees

In addition to these fees, a deposit to cover the District’s cost for the engineering, legal, inspection, and administrative costs for Class 3 and 4 permits is required. If the actual costs exceed the deposit then the applicant will be invoiced the difference. If the costs are less than the deposit, the balance will be refunded.

More Information: Contact

For further information on Class 1 permits, contact Joann Landi, District Clerk, at 415-467-1144.

For further information on Class 2, 3, and 4 permits contact Tom Yeager, District Engineer, at 510-469-3156.

There are 4 classes of permits:

PDF IconBayshore Sanitary District Construction Permit Class 1 & 2

Residential connections, both single family and multi-family; and non-residential

PDF Icon

Bayshore Sanitary District Construction Permit Class 3

Construction of new sewer mains, pumping stations, or other facilities to be dedicated to the District for perpetual operation and maintenance

PDF IconBayshore Sanitary District Construction Permit Class 4

All other activities including, but not limited to, industrial discharge permits, re-establishment of existing service, private waste disposal systems, and groundwater discharges, etc. Also included are any activities that interfere with any existing District facilities (See Section 301.1.1)

District’s Ordinance Code and Standard Specifications

PDF IconBayshore Sanitary District Ordinance Code
Revised and Restated on March 23, 2006
Updated Through Ordinance No. 108, 2/27/2023 – 57 pages

PDF IconBayshore Sanitary District Standard Construction Spec
April 2018 – 80 pages